Brian Chin

Crossover between Adam Brody & Justin Long-
Sweet, Energetic, & Adorkable!

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"Brian Chin is taking Hollywood by storm with his boy-next-door good looks, sweet youthful charm, and refreshing and infectious energy"


Instant Bookability (How to Cast Brian)


[TOMMY] 16, Asian-American. He is Mr. Happy-Go-Lucky in choir who has a huge crush on Tina. A flute player in high school who is exuberant and boyish. Incredibly loyal, he’s the best friend you could ever ask for. Think Asian version of Justin Long…MUST BE ABLE TO SING AND DANCE…SERIES REGULAR

[CHARLIE TANAKA] 19, Japanese. He is a freshman in college and a young, eager intern at a fashion magazine. He is intimated by his boss but yet eager to please…Sometimes can’t take a hint that he is being annoying. MUST HAVE GREAT COMEDIC TIMING…CO-STAR

[ANDREW] 17-19, Any Ethnicity. He is the smartest kid in school and knows everything about electronics and math.  He's smart and ambitious, yet charming and charismatic. A kind of “cool nerd”. Has an innocent look with a rapid-fire, ADD-addled brain. A more energized and colorful Zuckerberg…MUST BE ABLE TO HANDLE AARON SORKIN DIALOGUE…GUEST STAR

[HARRY] Early 20s, Chinese. Bright-eyed and good-natured, but also intelligent and thoughtful. Strong moral compass. Harry is the newest intern for Congresswoman Busby. He comes across at first as a naïve, shy “boy next door”, but his charming and polished personality helps him make a big splash amongst the DC interns. LOGAN LERMAN Type…SERIES REGULAR


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